Continuing Matters


Fresh StartIt’s past time to start writing more intentionally, exploring some possibilities and connecting more dots for myself and others. And to get serious about pulling support from Facebook and the other for-profit publishers whose business models are so intrinsically against human interests. I’m grateful to and .com for being as awesome as they are, such that I can just pick up and continue eleven years after the last time I wrote here. I am in many ways more drawn to less linear and more collaborative forms of expression than blogging, so if I do write here more it could easily lead to more writing in my Wagn as well, intertwingling with public bookmarking, let’s see what kind of trouble emerges.

KEPW 97.3FM PeaceWorks Community Radio largeLately I’m most active with KEPW-LP 97.3FM, the newish local community radio station where I live in Eugene, Oregon. It’s just one of thousands of new low-power stations started in the U.S. in the past few years, the result of decades of radio activism including countless pirate radio stations proving over and over that there was no interference, no technical reason to block low-power stations.

HoloI’m also starting a deeper dive into Holochain and Holo, which although they’re emerging in the context of cryptocurrencies have solid roots from before Bitcoin, Ethereum & all, and serious potential to reinvigorate the commons on the Internet, and in general. I’ll definitely be writing more from that exploration.

Perhaps most importantly, I am seeking better patterns internally and externally for staying in grace (aka equanimous passion!) or at least closer to it. That would make life just plain more fun, and I assume help me to be more consistent with things and people (or at least be more communicative when I do drop back). Nonviolent Communication and some Buddhist philosophy and practice continue to seem like the most hopeful scenes for me on that front.


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