Always now, always whatever you got


Favorite globe-spanning computer network: the Internet

When I restarted this the other day, I had in the back of my mind to write once a day (and probably only once a day). I knew they couldn’t all be as long or as linkful as that first post, but whenever I get started on something I want to provide context, add some depth, an unusual angle, maybe some subtle nuance…

Once I have something book length in mind I’m almost certain to stop writing after getting a short way in, the goal too far too complete in a sitting. Hence the title of this post. Small pieces are good! I can join them up later to make larger constructs. And I’m pretty sure that if I actually post a new bit every day, eventually they will become more frequent, and longer and more connected. And it’s a good inquiry – what’s a good scope for a ~10-minute or half-hour piece, ideally one that intertwingles well with others to yield larger wholes?

One way to notice my scope has gotten too big is if I’ve started some heavy research, which I often let sneak in without really realizing it. Even posting a picture makes a post like this more work, but it was hard to resist since the Right Size Bite pattern is so perfect for this post.


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