Thinking Inside the News


About 20 years ago, I went to a one-man show of an evening with Buckminster Fuller in San Francisco. Fuller (or rather, the actor Ron Campbell) let you know right away that your perspective was going to be shifted this evening, when he invited us all loudly to, “Sit in, sit in!” and went on to explain that since our planet Earth is a sphere there isn’t properly an up or a down, but rather an out and in.

Being ready to have your perspective shifted is a good way to go into anything systems-related, such as the latest from the Academy of Systems Change, Leverage Points and the Iceberg Model in Economic Development:

[P]lacing a higher value on living assets (people and Nature) than on non-living capital assets is a key leverage point, enabling us to see why economies that mimic life enjoy a win-win spiral of systemic health and prosperity.

I look forward to Jay Bragdon’s book, Economies that Mimic Life. And I will be writing more here about the relevance of the leverage points to news — in general and especially on KEPW.


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