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It’s no good when I’m not writing, and it’s not any better when my writing is scattered across various giant corporations’ private systems. More here, more here, more here. (A caricature of a scientist or computer programmer in me decries repetition as a waste of time, but I know better whether from the perspective of […]

I haven’t watched the film (Netflix has it now, so it’s getting attention), but will, and then I’ll dig into this critique and write something back here. If you see other worthy critiques please leave them in the comments! One focus lately has been on algorithms and their amplification of hate and misinformation, or their […]

In Nonviolent Communication one assumes that anything we say, do, think, etc. is for meeting a need. In this usage, needs are defined as being abstract (not related to a particular person, place or thing), universal, and positive. Positive in the sense that when someone does or says something you don’t like, understanding the need […]

Feeds by email


I am a fan of feeds – RSS, Atom, etc. – a chunk of Internet commons tech which enables a thousand creative uses of any linear information source – blogs, news, alerts, etc. Since Google Reader’s death some years back there has been a quiet increase of developer activity around feeds, which is nice to […]

Whatever you can door dream you canbegin it.Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.Begin it now. Goethe Being in the now, the most honest & vulnerable, largest, fullest now. Many times a day. This is what I now begin — again. This will certainly involve music, meditation, writing, and many memorable conversations with myself […]