Waves of Understanding


I need to fall in love.

3 Responses to “Waves of Understanding”

  1. 1 David M. Hazen

    If that is your most important need, you are indeed blessed. “Falling” is a great leap of trust and a developed skill. Courage, my friend!

    • I guess I was vague enough it was easy to be misunderstood. I did not mean romantic love, but the more fundamental love of life. It was a desperate scream for a reason to keep living. Your leap comment still applies, though. :-)

  2. David: “If that is your most important need”

    It was a blessed moment, but of course what need is most alive shifts from moment to moment. Aha, I notice I feel some annoyance at the implication/inference that any need is better or worse than any other need. Sensing more deeply, the need alive in me this moment is to be understood.

    For one, I mean love not necessarily in the sense of loving a particular ‘nother individual. Consider Buscaglia, and Hafiz (among others), pointing to so many other dimensions. If I recall correctly, Marshall Rosenberg said that Nonviolent Communication was in part a product of his trying tyo understand love.

    Sounds like you are interpreting the fact that my need for love was up as meaning that all of my other needs are well met? Truth is, in many ways I want love as strategy to meet other needs – being more alive, meaning, contribution, groundedness/centeredness. In any case yes, leaps are always involved!

    “There is an art, or rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Pick a nice day, and try it.” –The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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