How many toots in a trumpet?


Mastodon has been around for a few years now, so the timing was pretty good for it to handle the recent inflow of participants from Twitter. I think of the occasional outages as the flood comes in as a feature, it will help new users not to expect perfection. Sounds like info security folks and a lot of other techies have really moved on now, plus a critical mass of journalists (also see ) and academics (still looking for good lists of academics, if you have any share ’em!). EDIT: list of lists of academics

And thank goodness, because the Fediverse – Mastodon and some other services – is an actual commons, owned collectively by everyone who runs a server. Public conversation there is real public conversation, it’s not happening in a mall and it is not distorted by profit-focused management or moderation. If people you’re following or who are following you on Twitter have accounts on Mastodon, you can easily find & follow all of them using Fedifinder or Debirdify.

There are more good resources at and I may post more here, certainly will toot on Mastodon itself (And tweet on the birdsite!) I am and will likely add another account or two soonish. This is one of Mastodon’s strengths is that you can participate from multiple servers!

This is all very promising but it’s important to remember that most people and groups are not moving over quickly en masse, and this is one of the reasons for at least some of us who are setting up on Mastodon to stick around and support people around the world and in various subcultures who will be on Twitter for a while. The for-profit service is still a critical pseudo-public forum right now, and even if it deteriorates “quickly” it is likely to remain an important social space for years. Ethan Zuckerman made this point well in this thread. (via the ever-wonderful Nancy White@nancywhite). Zuckerman also pointed to and, two tools which you can set up and they will pass tweets & toots back and forth between your accounts.


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