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Just a few years from now in 2027 will begin the 100th anniversary of a series of discoveries in physics and mathematics which describe limits on human — or any! — knowledge and ability. This decade-long centenary is a carrier wave which will be loaded with opportunities in the form of various celebrations, panels, writings, […]

Dear mayor and city councilors, Thank you for your time & attention to this issue. I remember the 1970s oil crisis, when oil prices spiked, we sat in cars in long lines for gas, and America had a sudden and profound interest in energy independence and clean energy. Even as a kid it was pretty […]

Until recently I occasionally would note that, “I never met a meta I didn’t like.” Going meta is such an important practice to me that I introduced it twice in our process of developing the Group Works deck, because the first time around it got renamed and then changed meaning beyond recognition under the new […]

Twitter has peaked. The shareholders got paid handsomely, showing yet again that in a ‘well-functioning’ capitalism – by many people’s definition – capitalists can benefit from the destruction of what they nominally are stewarding. (See too many owners of rented housing, and forest & mine land-owners.) In this case showing that public assembly spaces in […]

Mastodon has been around for a few years now, so the timing was pretty good for it to handle the recent inflow of participants from Twitter. I think of the occasional outages as the flood comes in as a feature, it will help new users not to expect perfection. Sounds like info security folks and […]

My introduction to Buddhism was Walpola Rahula’s What the Buddha Taught. The part that stuck with me the most, about both Buddhism and religion in general is that it does not have to be dogmatic, there does not have to be anything which is “taken as gospel.” I know that is often not how things […]

A blizzard of scarcities and plentitudes of confession, of contrition, of defiance, denial, anger, guilt, sorrow, despair, rage anxiety impatience silent & noisy desperation, and, exhaustion. And then, somehow, Contact: A moment’s peace,a dynamic peace,a peace of many wholes anda whole of many piecesin play,dancing. It’s just that sometimes I forget that I love you. […]

…there is love.

I need to fall in love.