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Some of the best neologisms come out of my conversations with Tom Atlee. And feel free to comment with one or more answers.

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I am a fan of feeds – RSS, Atom, etc. – a chunk of Internet commons tech which enables a thousand creative uses of any linear information source – blogs, news, alerts, etc. Since Google Reader’s death some years back there has been a quiet increase of developer activity around feeds, which is nice to […]

The Space Between Us Is Love The space between us is love.Full of care for each other and those not here,and possibilitywith the same life it has when we embrace, The space between us is love,because what isn’t? The space between us is love.It opens up and we do not knowwhat next will appear? The […]

I’ve been explicitly seeking spiritual community for a few months now, and just realized it’s plural. Not that I want more than one spiritual community necessarily, but that there are two overlapping sets of activities I’m engaged in: A search for spiritual community for myself — formally with the Friends, and informally through Nonviolent Communication […]

Testing in serious numbers is just getting underway in the US, so the number of cases reported here will be jumping. (3/8) “Don’t panic” is always good advice (thank you, Douglas Adams) but “Better safe than sorry” also seems to apply here. This article on pandemic phases (3/9) notes that phase two is “when people […]



WikiBirthday is March 25, let’s make something of it! I should get up on what’s happening with Ward’s Federated Wiki.

I was just talking with dog, who seemed interested to spend some time together when I was about to eat. Unthinking, I suggested there would be plenty of (other) time to spend together. Immediately correcting myself I noted that of course I knew the only time we have is right now. I find these conversations […]

About 20 years ago, I went to a one-man show of an evening with Buckminster Fuller in San Francisco. Fuller (or rather, the actor Ron Campbell) let you know right away that your perspective was going to be shifted this evening, when he invited us all loudly to, “Sit in, sit in!” and went on […]

I’ve been writing raw HTML again. Still works. Feels good.