Putting things (back?) together


A few minutes ago I pulled out a blank sheet of paper, and wrote something like this down.

New micro-habit – when opening a tab:

I share this as context for saying why I wrote that on a sheet of paper, because I added pulling out a blank sheet of paper as a ‘trigger’ for this new micro-habit (hello, my friend meta). What I’m getting at with the title of this post has been percolating for years now or maybe my whole life. Even the specific intent to form/find some powerful new micro-habits is a few months old at this point. I probably won’t share *everything* I write from this here, but if I follow through it will certainly provide a plentitude of material.

At this point I really did stand up and stretch for a bit.

Anyway, to the question – what’s behind all this? It seems to have been inspired by hope, or faith. Grace. Trust. These words have all become nearly synonymous for me (see Marshall’s suggestion at the needs link above that there are only seven needs. I’ve written elsewhere on these short lists, will try to find & post here). The striking thing to me right now is how hope really does spring eternal, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve noticed it creep back in when I wasn’t expecting it. Just noticing that brings a little more hope, damn stuff is contagious.

Another motivating need is an urge to grow, learn, develop. I am so far from where I would like to be. There is a rat’s nest here of motivations here, some driven by questionably-founded (yet no less real) fears for my life/safety, and some from a less complex desire to give everything I can while I am here on our planet.

Dwelling on each branch of this (especially seeing neither grace nor learning is on Marshall’s short list has led me to connection in meaning, which is not unusual. I’m not going to explain exactly how I get there, this was more than enough!


One Response to “Putting things (back?) together”

  1. 1 Dave L.

    Hope, faith, grace, and trust are a great foundation for any endeavor John! Best wishes on this one.

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